Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Almost an East York original...

 If you didn't pay much attention to the details you would think this home had always been here... Wrong! This project was a full gut of an existing one and a half storey detached house purchased by one of my favorite contractor for his own family who lived for years in a semidetached across the street. The place has been transformed into a full two storey home, complete with four bedrooms and two and half bathrooms.
The existing basement and ground floor framing have been re-constructed completely, apart from the exterior walls, and a framed second storey was anchored to the exiting structure. Ultimate Goal was to maintain the neighborhood feel and architectural streetscape.
The all family was really exited to be moving in, afer few months renting a tiny apartment. It was really cute to see the kids running around the place, and playing in the momentary empty bedrooms. So were the neighbors, who cordially showed up on moving day to greet the new family.