Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Almost an East York original...

 If you didn't pay much attention to the details you would think this home had always been here... Wrong! This project was a full gut of an existing one and a half storey detached house purchased by one of my favorite contractor for his own family who lived for years in a semidetached across the street. The place has been transformed into a full two storey home, complete with four bedrooms and two and half bathrooms.
The existing basement and ground floor framing have been re-constructed completely, apart from the exterior walls, and a framed second storey was anchored to the exiting structure. Ultimate Goal was to maintain the neighborhood feel and architectural streetscape.
The all family was really exited to be moving in, afer few months renting a tiny apartment. It was really cute to see the kids running around the place, and playing in the momentary empty bedrooms. So were the neighbors, who cordially showed up on moving day to greet the new family.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Geometra design hits the small screen this Friday December 2nd!!

On Friday, December 02, 2011 @ 11:00 AM Slice Network will air episode 13 of Shotgun Reno featuring a renovation designed by Geometra Design Ltd. and build by Mentor Construction.
You can watch the show on line at http://www.slice.ca/

Mommy Clueless – Dora & Rick

"With their first child on the way, Dora and Rick need to renovate their main floor into an open concept layout – but the baby is due in just four weeks. Can the Shotgun Reno team help them get it all done on time?"

The project focused on the re-design of the main floor of an existing two storey dwelling in Toronto.

The reconstruction of new stairwells, elimination of partition walls and chimney, and addition of natural lighting all added a better use, feel and flow of the existing space.

The home owner's take: “I can't express how positive this change to our home has been”

By the way, congratulations on the new arrival guys, and enjoy your “new home"! And thanks again for making me part of this!

More photos available here.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Accessibility of Design

A soon-to-be new addition to our family has recently resulted in multiple trips to Ikea. It got me thinking about how things have changed for design in the home. IKEA has taken a design philosophy and made it accessible to the everyday consumer by lowering price points and placing themselves where customers can find them. Other retailers have done the same thing, opening up the market for good design to more and more families. It's now a totally realistic goal to live well within your space and to do it on a budget. This philosophy of accessible design is touching so many parts of our lives, and now people who would have never considered it are designing or redesigning their own homes. In addition, people's appreciation for good design and a clean simple aesthetic seems to be spreading, and I believe places like IKEA are to thank for that.

Architectural Technologists are enjoying the benefits of this trend, and more and more customers are turning to them to help realize their visions. Our job is to help make good design accessible for our clients, and I love doing that on a daily basis. The final product is the ultimate reward, especially when the client is thrilled with their new and improved space. The best part - no assembly required.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

A challenging and great second storey addition

When I saw the existing conditions of this 1980s cottage in Penetanguishene, I thought the second storey addition over it wouldn’t be possible, the existing roof lines didn't allow me to envision the addition. I knew I was up for a challenge. After measuring the existing structures, and chatting with the owners, and understanding their vision, something clicked. I headed back to my drafting table back in the city, and started working right away…and not only it ended looking great, but also given the client a new larger and open concept kitchen and dining. The second floor accommodates a new master bedroom overlooking the lake, with large closet space and ensuite... The owners are both boat aficionado that is where the windows inspiration came from....Clients loved it.

Friday, June 10, 2011

My latest cottage design

Location: Penetanguishene (Midland)

Size: 2,200 square feet on one and half storey + 200 square feet Screened-in porch

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Upper Beaches Addition + Renovation

Check out Geometra Design's latest project!

Before: Originally an outdated, 1000 square foot detached bungalow with good bones in the East Beaches, Toronto.

After: This house was fully gutted, redesigned, restructured and renovated to include a second floor, resulting in 2400 square feet of gorgeous, well thought out and contemporary living space.

The story: The builders wanted a house that fit in with traditional Toronto architecture, but with a modern touch.

Design highlights:
- Ceiling heights were raised in the basement and 1st floor to open up the space.
- Unique and modern dark stucco and cedar created a striking, contrasting exterior,
- The layout was opened up for more flow.
- Creating a formal and informal area allowed for future owners to entertain guests in a stylish, elegant setting while keeping their family’s space comfortable and functional.
- 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and plenty of closet space were created on the second floor.
- Most notably, every inch of the floorplan was put to good use. No space was wasted in the layout in this house.

The sale: The house sold after only 5 days on the market well over above the asking price.

Designer: Gabriele Guiducci, M.A.A.T.O.

Builders: Alexander Tencate: www.alexandertencate.com

The Agent’s Take: “[It’s] a stunning, contemporary home that is unique for the area in terms of its quality of finishes,” Ms. Kaushansky says. “It had a thoughtful design with a great layout ideal for families.”